Facebook Photo Memories – Your Privatized Photos Leaked

A couple days ago, I sent a tweet out saying:

"Beginning to realize that I click through a lot on the 'Photo Memories' widget in #Facebook than anything else, anyone doing that too?"

I received many responses from my followers, some describing this feature to be terribly annoying, confusing and useless. Others said that they like this feature very much because they can go back to old pictures that they had forgotten about and comment/like the photo. 

This feature often appears on the right-hand side in the events, photos, friends and groups pages. 

Photo memories on Facebook

Inside Facebook wrote a post on the New “Unread Messages” and “Photo Memories” Features Suggest Facebook Activity to Users. Many complain that this feature exposes the privatize photos of Facebook members. Whether it be an album they uploaded or photos that they've been tagged in. 

Would this be an issue for you? It was for this anonymous user. 

facebook photo memories comment

Facebook, can you please ensure the privacy of photos are enforced in the Photo Memories feature? Those who have privatized their photos (tagged, uploaded) obviously don't want their photos displayed to the public. Could we also have the option of not seeing this widget appear on the right-hand side?

I personally am not a fan of this feature. It has brought up good memories, but came with bad ones also. I find I'm spending more time looking through these photos now when I took notice of this feature.  It's a huge distraction. 

If you have any comments or arguments about anything I had said in this post, please share your thoughts in the comment box below. If you would like to support the changes I proposed, please also leave a comment below.

Jackson Lo

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  • http://www.filipmares.com Filip Mares

    Well, you know how i feel. I hate it. I expect a certain level of relevancy to these semi-invasive photo frames. The fact they are random sometimes throws me off. I especially don't enjoy the fact they're not really my albums at time and are friends' in which i'm tagged. Some tags are not as flattering as others. I will cleaning up my Facebook in the very near future.
    My 2 cents,

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